‚ÄčLake Bums BrewCo

We live and play on Bull Shoals Lake in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. We have been friends and beer drinkers for a long, long, LONG time ( and we've got the bellies and stories to prove it).  In fact, we all started home brewing back in the early 80's, and sometimes we even used water straight from Bull Shoals Lake to make our beer. We don't use BSL water any longer, but our love for the lake remains (hence the name).
Kids and jobs got in the way of following our dream back then, but in recent years those same kids (now grown) have introduced their ol' dads to the pleasures of craft beer drinking---and  we've decided to turn our passion for drinking those golden elixirs into a passion for brewing them, and man, are we having fun! 
We are Lake Bums Tim Morgan, Don Looper and Norman Eubank, and we're grateful to the beautiful, intelligent, sexy women we're married to (that may or may not be the beer talking) who support our efforts in producing great beers--and don't get too upset when we put in a lot of overtime hours on "quality control and research."  It's for a good cause, right?  Even more, we are grateful for all our fellow beer drinkers who sample, critique, and most importantly, enjoy our beers.  As some smart guy once said, " Anyone can DRINK beer, but it takes intelligence to ENJOY beer." 

Thanks for being so smart!   Cheers!