​Lake Bums BrewCo

Our Signature Brews

≈ Dock Tale Ale ≈

An American Pale Ale made with 90% 2-row barley and 10% wheat with a dash of Belgian malt that imparts a rich caramel-sweet aroma and a toffee-like flavor while adding a light amber color. The light hop addition and lemon peel near the end deliver a hint of citrus, and local honey tops it off with a sweet finish.

Whether coming in from a sun-filled day of fishing, swimming or boating, there’s always a tale to tell back at the dock.
What better way to embellish those stories than with a Dock Tale Ale?

ABV 5.1%, IBU 27.7

≈ Skinny Dipper Wheat ≈

An American Wheat Beer made with 50/50 2-row barley and wheat and just enough Belgian Malt to add a mild caramel-sweet flavor and golden color. A mild hop addition retains that spicy, earthy-fresh aroma, and it, too, is topped off with a touch of local honey.

You know the feeling (or we sure hope you do!). Imagine peeling off your clothes and taking a refreshing plunge

into a crisp, clear lake. Ahhhh … We believe we’ve captured that feeling with our Skinny Dipper Wheat.

ABV 5.4%, IBU 17.4

≈ Skinny Tail ≈

Skinny Tail is a luscious mixture of our crowd-pleasing Skinny Dipper Wheat and Dock Tale Ale beers.

Now tell us, who doesn't like a Skinny Tail? Enough said!

ABV 5.3%, IBU 22.6

≈ Indian Point IPA ≈

An IPA with American roots, featuring mostly American grains with a German malt addition to create a deep-amber hue while enhancing maltiness, body, and mouthfeel. The perfectly timed hop additions achieve the desired bitterness while adding an herbal, tropical fruit and citrus flavor and fruity, pine aroma.
Our IPA pays homage to Indian Point—or Buzzard's Bluff as it is known to the locals—
which offers the most spectacular views on Bull Shoals Lake.

ABV 7.2%, IBU 64.6

≈ Chunky Dunker Dunkelweizen ≈

The black sheep of our wheat beer family. A beefed-up version of our Skinny Dipper Wheat with the addition of Black Patent Malt for color and a dark, roasted flavor.
A bigger guy makes a bigger splash when he cannonballs off the bluffs—that's the same robust splash you'll get
from our Chunky Dunker.

ABV 6.0%, IBU 16.7

≈ Pine Branch Porter ≈

A little more robust than a mild Porter with a medium body, mid-level hoppiness with hints of Madagascar vanilla, chocolate and caramel for that smooth, sweet-roasted flavor.
Anglers know the area that starts at Point 12 in Arkansas and extends for one glorious mile back into Missouri as Pine Branch,
but other boaters and bobbers refer to it as “Mile Long Cove.”
Whether you’re pulling out your big bass in “Mile Long” or just bobbing along with a floatella of friends,
Pine Branch Porter is a tasty way to get away from it all.

ABV 5.3%, IBU 35.8

≈ Barefootin’ Blueberry ≈

A refreshing American ale made with Simcoe and Citra hops to help balance the fruity flavor of local blueberries. We add just a touch of blueberries in our final boil and finish it off in a secondary fermentation with even more blueberries (picked by the brewer’s hands).
When blueberries are ripening on the vine in the Ozarks, that summer sun is already warming soil and water alike,
and it’s time to kick off the ol’ shoes and go barefootin’—whether that means tender-footin’ it along the shoreline
or grasping a towline behind a ski boat as it cuts across glassy lake waters.
Either way, this refreshing beer will remind you that it’s summer—or make you wish it were.

ABV 5.5%, IBU 39.1

≈ Red Sky Ale ≈

You know the saying, "Red skies at night, a sailor's delight?” That's what you get when you drink our Red Sky Ale. It’s a delightful, full-bodied ale with no aftertaste, brewed the old-fashioned way with just the main ingredients—
grain, hops, yeast and, of course, water.
Careful though, remember, "Red skies at morning, sailors take warning."

ABV 4.9% and IBU 21.7

≈ Flood Water ’17 ≈

In the spring of 2017 Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas were inundated with torrential rain. Bull Shoals Lake rose from below normal level to flood stage in just a few days. Unsure if we would need to move the brewery to higher grounds,
we decided to throw together all the ingredients we had on hand and brew some beer.
We ended up with a combination of 2 row barley and white wheat as main ingredients, adding coriander, grapefruit peel,
caramel crystal malt and local honey for a fragrant flavor reminiscent of caramel-encrusted citrus peel dripping in honey.
We used a very low alpha acid hop for a clean, neutral bitterness and finished with a hop
with strong orange and tangerine citrus notes for flavor. The result was an easy drinking, light wheat beer with a smooth, sweet finish.
We all love spending a sunny, summer day on the lake,
but sometimes Mother Nature throws a kink in those plans, and we have to improvise.
When storm clouds threaten, brighten your day with a raised glass of Flood Water '17 and stories of "remember when." 

ABV 5.5% and IBU 12.2.